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Khon Kaen Nightlife

This page is currently being updated, so the information is not complete. For the most current and up to date information on the nightlife of Khon Kaen, it is recommended you visit the KhonKaen.com Discussion Forum.

The nightlife skyline of Khon Kaen, as with any Thai city, changes frequently. A night spot that is popular one day may become yesterday's news at the blink of an eye. It would be impossible to list every bar, dance club, massage parlor, or other entertainment venue within the city of Khon Kaen. Some of the more popular, permanent night spots will be listed within these pages. Locations that are popular with local expats will also be listed.

The nightlife of Khon Kaen cannot be compared to popular tourist areas such as Bangkok or Pattaya. If you are looking for rows and rows of beer bars stocked with working girls, then the nightlife of Khon Kaen will be a great disappointment. If you are looking for a subdued, friendly atmosphere, then Khon Kaen has much to offer.

The establishments below certainly are not a complete listing of nightspots. The best way to discover Khon Kaen is to walk out your door and experience what the city has to offer. The businesses shown below are listed in alphabetical order.

Popular Expat Meeting Points:

  • These are the best places to meet up with local expats. They are all highly recommended by KhonKaen.com. Stop by and support the few expat bars that are located in Khon Kaen.
Business Name Location Forum Info Website
Eric's Bar Between Hotel Sofitel Raja Orchid and Kosa Hotel, centrally located in downtown Khon Kaen.
Leo's Bar Located in the heart of Khon Kaen City opposite the Hotel Sofitel and only a few minutes walk from the Kosa Hotel and Charoen Thani Princess.
Number 1 Bar Located on Namuang Road, within a few minutes easy walk from both Khon Kaen Hotel and the Kaen Inn.
Seven's Corner Located on Soi Yimsiri, cross Srichan Road near Bangkok Bank and follow the soi to the end.

Beer Gardens/Night Plazas:

  • Hi-Tech Night Garden is made up of numerous bars along a soi that has been turned into a garden-style lane. Some of the bars offer live bands as entertainment.
  • Kronen Brauhaus offers German cuisine and home-brewed beer crafted by KhonKaen.com forum member Braeu. Stop in and sample the fruits of his labor.
  • Nate Nate Plaza is most likely the closest venue that Khon Kaen offers that compares to Bangkok and Pattaya beer bars. Nate Night is a small, twisting soi that has numerous beer and karaoke bars. The atmosphere does not come close to beer bars in tourist areas of Thailand. Very little english is spoken, but if you can speak some Thai, it can be an enjoyable place to visit.
  • Nate Nate Plaza is also home to Khon Kaen's only A-Go-Go bar. Speaking from experience, it is not worth visiting. Dark, dank, and nasty are the only words that can describe this place. If you feel you must visit, at least stop at the Silver Bullet Saloon, located directly below Nate Night A-Go-Go. Khun Kohp will ensure you are well taken care of by her staff, and pad your bill accordingly.
Business Name Location Forum Info Website
Hi-Tech Night Garden Prachasamran Road at the entrance to Hotel Sofitel Raja Orchid. Close to the Srichan Road roundabout.
Kronen Brauhaus Basement of Hotel Sofitel Raja Orchid, Prachasamran Road.
Nate Night Plaza Nate Night Plaza is located on Pimpasuk Road, across from the Khon Kaen Hotel.

Dance/Music Clubs:

  • Bring ear plugs, as most Thai clubs turn the volume up to ear splitting levels.
Business Name Location Forum Info Website
Club 172 Prachasamran Road adjacent to Hi-Tech Night Garden, close to the Srichan Road roundabout.
Club Gik Basement of Hotel Sofitel Raja Orchid, Prachasamran Road.
Hi-Tech Discotheque Prachasamran Road inside Hi-Tech Night Garden at the entrance to Hotel Sofitel Raja Orchid. Close to the Srichan Road roundabout.
Zolid Located in the basement of Charoen Thani Hotel, Srichan Road.

This is by no means a complete list of nightspots in Khon Kaen. If you know of an establishment that you feel should be listed on this page,
please let KhonKaen.com know by clicking here.

If you need more information regarding Khon Kaen, Thailand, it is recommended you post questions via the KhonKaen.com Discussion Forum by clicking here.   If you would like to contact the webmaster of KhonKaen.com, please do so via our online contact form by clicking here.

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